Media’s Best Kitchen Backsplashes

Choosing Your Backsplash

The right kitchen backsplash can bring any Media kitchen back to life, providing your renovation with the perfect backdrop. The available backsplash choices in Media are endless, and each one of them has its own uniqueness. Our specialty is both the design and installation of these tiles.

Backsplashes That Come To Life

The selection of backsplashes come in a wide variety of colors and material types. A lot of homeowners actually find this particular decision to be one of the most challenging when re-doing their kitchen. Below is a brief list of four of the most common choices, including some reasons why you may want to choose them. Have questions? Contact the Media backsplash experts!

Top Kitchen Backsplashes in Media

Considering A Glass Backsplash Media?

When researching glass backsplashes, understand that they come in both tile form and in sheet form – both of which have advantages. With glass, it’s super simple to clean, is very cost-effective, and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Backslashes will truly change the overall look of your kitchen. The one area to consider with glass is its fragility, and even the more highly reinforced glass tiles are susceptible to break. Either way, give our Media kitchen renovators a call to discuss further.

kitchen with glass backsplash in Media
quartz and tile backsplash installed in Media, PA

Ceramic Tile Backsplash Installers in Media

There is a ton of versatility found in ceramic tiles, such as their ability to be painted (if you like a design/pattern but not the color) which can also add an extra layer of protection. Ceramic tiles are also easy to clean, especially when they have a glossy type finish. And while they can crack under the right temperature, ceramic tiles are pretty heat resistant. The color options are vast, and with some simple cutting or molding, these tiles can fit almost anywhere.

Granite Tile Replacement & Installation in Media

If you’re looking for a somewhat alternative option for your backsplash, many new, contemporary kitchens are starting to utilize granite tiles. They are especially helpful when you want to match them to you other granite finishes like your counters and floors. Granite’s strength is unmatched, and you won’t see a need for repairs very often. The one thing to consider with granite is cost, which can be slightly more than some of the other backsplash options, but like granite countertops in Media), they are super simple to clean. Give us a buzz today to discuss any questions you may have.
ceramic tile backsplash in Media, PA
quartz backsplash contractor installation Media

Quartz & Resin Tile Backsplash Options in Media

Just to throw out one more consideration for your backsplash, let’s take a look at quartz and resin options. Quartz in general is becoming super popular for both backsplashes and for counters, so they would make a great pairing. Quartz is also a nice choice because of its elegant look, which is very similar to marble. As for its ongoing care and maintenance, quartz is easy to clean. Contact us today to learn more about our planning and installation process!

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