Long-Lasting Butcher Block Countertops in Media


Searching for a kitchen transformation that will make it fashionable and distinctive? Search no further than butcher block countertops. They may not be as popular as some counter styles, but they give a hidden allure that you cannot get with stone choices.


Butcher block counters are available in many lavish styles, all of them adding a wonderful richness in color and appearance. Butcher block counters are not only appealing to the eyes, but they also stand up to stains and water damage.


Having long-lasting countertops is a huge consideration when selecting the countertop for your kitchen. Enter butcher block. The perfect surface for prepping food, and our assurance that they will stand up to almost anything that could cause damage.


The best part was the interaction with MCG Kitchens Media. They did such a wonderful job of listening to our requirements and translating that into a design. They went out of her way to answer our questions and provide helpful resources.

– Jack W.

Butcher Block Counters in Media - The Benefits

For homeowners choosing to upgrade their kitchen, butcher block counter is often forgotten as an option. They shouldn’t be. They can withstand major wear and tear, and with the proper amount of care, will last decades.

Add Pizzaaz With Butcher Block Counters in Media

The options for wood style in butcher block counters are going to be limited to Maple, Oak, and Walnut. All are wonderful choices, but if you’re struggling to decide which one is the right option for your new space, our Media kitchen designers are here to assist. We’ll review style selections, and which ones go best with your space. In addition, we’ll discuss which choice is the best fit for your budget.

new butcher block kitchen counter tops in Media
butcher block kitchen counter installation in Media

Time Tested Durability

The long-lasting allure of butcher block counters is underrated, as they are constructed to have food prepped on them, even to be used for cutting. But, even as durable as they can be, to keep them with that new look, it’s recommended to have them refreshed by sanding and refinishing them now and then. These counters are also great when it comes to heat from pans and pots. The surface won’t show burns and if necessary, can be sanded away. The counters are great since they can be sanded, waxed, and overall “restored” at any given time.

Made To Order & Budget Friendly

When considering whether to choose stone counters (quartz countertops or granite countertops) vs butcher block, the budget friendly aspect of butcher block can be very appealing. Also, you will find just as many options when choosing your sinks (farmhouse, drop-ins, undermount, etc.). Custom-made counters can also be an option when talking about the type of wood and the pattern of the grain.

trend setting butcher block countertops in Media, PA
butcher block counter in Media

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MCG Kitchens Media believes in giving our clients the best kitchen remodel possible. Our team is amazing and consists of kitchen remodel experts with years of expertise assisting Media homeowners bring their dreams to reality. If butcher block is your option for the next kitchen remodel, our professional designers will help you such that no aspect is looked over. We are sure you’ll love the final outcome.

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