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Looking for elegance and beauty for your countertops in Media? Look no further than granite. Everyone who steps foot into your new kitchen will be in awe over the fantastic appearance of its surface.


Because granite is such a strong and high density stone, it’s able to withstand chips, cracks, and scratches. It’s a material that will last for decades before any type of repairs/replacement is needed.


The “beauty” of choosing granite for your countertops is its uniqueness, as no two stone pieces are alike, giving you the options of endless colors that will match any style.

What a wonderful and professional company. They followed the contract and accommodated all of our change requests. We truly appreciated their neatness and workmanship. They provided us with weekly schedules of who would be in our house and what was to be done. We are highly pleased with the final result. We highly recommend MCG. Yes, we would work with them again. -Margaret M.

Granite Countertops in Media Just For You

Granite countertops are not only long lasting, but they are very adaptable to your home’s decor and style when it comes to their available color choices. When you don’t have to worry about your counters getting dinged, chipped, and scratched, you know they’ll last for decades in many cases. Granite is also great for food preparation which makes it super hygienic. Contact the premier kitchen remodel contractors in Media!

Reasons To Select Granite Countertops in Media

If you’re seeking a timeless feel for your new kitchen, look to granite countertops to give it a modern and trendy appearance. A benefit of utilizing granite countertops in Media is that they can literally be used in any style home, whether it’s a classic home or something more modern. Granite also partners perfectly with beautiful wood cabinets which gives the space a very natural, inviting look. Our available choices for granite are wide reaching, so we certainly have options for everyone. Interested in checking out our huge inventory of granite? Call Media’s top, local kitchen designers today and we’ll get started on your next remodeling project.
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Stability & Strength

It’s important for your counters to be strong and able to withstand some wear and tear. After all, you’ll be placing pots, dishes, and hot pans on it day after day so you’ll need a surface that is able to handle all of that activity. Another great aspect of granite is that it won’t stain, so spills and messes are not an issue. Worried about hygienic issues? Granite is not porous, so you can prep food on it with peace of mind. If granite counters are in your future Media kitchen remodel, give our designers a call today to learn why granite is a fantastic choice.

Utilize Granite Today

Yes, granite counters have amazing strength and durability, offer glamour to your space, but they are also priced reasonably. They aren’t the cheapest option, but you are truly getting top quality material. Due to demand in other types of kitchen countertop materials like quartz and butcher block, many granite suppliers are lowering prices as well as enhancing incentives for purchasing granite countertops. If you’re considering going with granite for your kitchen renovation and have questions about pricing, give our team at MCG a call and we’ll cover the affordability and how we can fit it into your project. You may be surprised!

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Look no further than MCG Kitchens when researching all of the latest trends for granite countertops in Media. Our professional installers are the tops in the area and they have years and years of experience of helping residents of Delaware County and beyond. Our vast line of granite choices range in colors, from deep and dark tones, to lighter options, and anything else down the middle. We pride ourselves on meticulously covering all options with our clients, and enhancing their experience with our award winning service. If you’re ready to take the plunge on new counters, call MCG Kitchens Media today!

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