Stylish Kitchen Remodeling in Havertown

Sometimes with a small renovation it can be hard to get the attention you want, much less outstanding service, during a period when remodeling and building are crazy busy. Mike, was not only friendly, he provided exceptional service the whole way. He provided good advice and money saving ideas that I greatly appreciated. When the time comes to do those larger projects I will definitely return to MCG Kitchens and Mike. I highly recommend them.

– Katlyn S.

Kitchen Remodeling in Havertown

Havertown is one of the quaintest cities in all of Delaware County, with a significant variety of houses, going from apartments on the smaller end of the range to much larger, single family homes. Because of this range in homes, there are a ton of varying choices for kitchen remodels in Havertown. With the number of possible kitchen projects in this region, it’s not a surprise that a large portion of our business comes from the Havertown area. Since MCG is an industry leader in local kitchen renovation companies, we have the expertise working of working in the Havertown area for years, giving our clients amazing, modern kitchen design.

Our services range wide and far from flooring to durable granite countertop options. When you partner with MCG, we know you’ll understand why Delaware County residents have selected us for their kitchen design projects.

kitchen renovation in Havertown

We have worked with MCG Kitchens on several projects and have been so highly impressed with the quality of their work and the excellent customer service. They have a great attention to detail, doing all their own site measurements to create accurate design plans. If a problem does arise, they are on the job site right away figuring out solutions. All of their experts are personal, professional and just really great at what they do.

– Nedy B.

Havertown Kitchen Designers

Imagining your dream kitchen has never been an easy task, but our team at MCG has come up with an easy, yet demonstrated process to step you from the first consultation all the way to the finished product. You will first call our team at MCG Kitchens Media, and we’ll provide you with a no hassle, free estimate for your Havertown kitchen renovation. Once you have this, we’ll partner you with one of our top kitchen renovation designers in Havertown, and they will visit you in your home, take all the necessary measurements, and come up with a fashionable, fully functioning kitchen design plan.

You’re still going to need to think about some things: how do you want your backsplash to interact with your kitchen? What are your lighting options? Given some thought to which appliances you think you might want? How about a kitchen island? Did you take any time to consider your storage needs?

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Partnering With Our Havertown Renovation Contractors

As your kitchen design gets approved, we will include our local Havertown remodeling contractors, who will take the project lead. Our wonderful contractors take such pride on meeting deadlines and sticking to a timeline, and the amount of professionalism they show during the entire project. What’s better, as your Havertown dream kitchen remodel is completely done, you and your loved ones will finally see the vision you always had come to life.

Delaware County's Kitchen Renovation Pros

We are stoked to lend a hand in your dream kitchen becoming a reality. Reach out to MCG Kitchens today at 610-960-0122 to chat to one of our professional designers.